Med. Weter. 68 (12), 748-752, 2012

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Chrząstek K., Piasecki T., Wieliczko A.
Blood biochemical studies of enrofloxacin and florfenicol in newly hatched chicks
Enrofloxacin and florfenicol are broad-spectrum, synthetic antibacterials widely used in poultry production. In the present study, the effects of enrofoxacin and florfenicol on biochemical parameters in newly hatched chicks were investigated following repeated oral administration for 5 consecutive days. Enrofoxacin or florfenicol was administered once a day, orally at a dose rate of 10 mg or 30 mg/kg b. wt., respectively. The effect of the antibiotics on selected blood parameters (AST, albumins, total proteins, total bilirubin, bile acids, uric acid) revealed insignificant changes after the discontinuation of the drug regimen. This study shows that repeated administration of enrofloxacin or florfenicol during 5 days does not induce any adverse effects when used in a therapeutic regimen.
Key words: enrofloxacin, florfenicol, chicken, blood chemistry