Med. Weter. 68 (12), 725-727, 2012

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Czyżewska E., Dors A.
Effects of spray-dried plasma on growth performance and immune responses of weaned pigs
The aim of this paper is to present the value of spray dried porcine plasma as an alternative to antibiotics in weaning pigs. A ban on antimicrobial growth promoters has limited production and increased health disorders, like diarrhea, in newly weaned piglets. Spray dried animal plasma, mostly of porcine origin, is one of the alternatives that can keep these problems under control. Data from several publications indicate that dietary supplementation with plasma proteins can modulate the degree of activation of GALT, as well as intestinal morphology and intestinal barrier function. The addition of spray-dried plasma to weaning pig diets has been shown to improve growth performance and to reduce incidence of scours.
Key words: pigs, growth performance, spray-dried plasma