Med. Weter. 75 (03), 164-168, 2019

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Influence of addition of cobalamin to the extender on the post-thaw motility, viability, and DNA integrity of bovine ejaculate
The present study was undertaken to investigate the effect of various concentrations of cobalamin (vitamin B12) in Bioexcell® extender on the spermatozoa quality of Simmental bulls. The semen was collected from 12 bulls by means of an artificial vagina. Vitamin B12 at concentrations of 1.50, 2.50, 3.50, and 5.00 mg/mL was added to bovine Bioexcell® extender. The semen aliquots were cooled and preserved at 4°C. Their quality was evaluated during pre-freezing, and then the cooled semen samples were packaged into 0.25 ml straws. The straws were frozen in the vapor of liquid nitrogen, and stored at -196ºC in a container. The straws were thawed one day later, and the characteristics of spermatozoa were examined. The results showed that the effect of vitamin B12 on the viability, DNA fragmentation and motility of spermatozoa was significant under both pre- and post-freezing conditions (p <0.05), and revealed that supplementation of the extender with B12 improved the post-thaw spermatozoa quality in bulls.
Keywords: bovine, DNA, semen freezing, spermatozoa, vitamin B12