Med. Weter. 76 (3), 181-185, 2020

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Piglets produced by transfer of embryos obtained by in vitro fertilization of oocytes matured in vitro with thymosin: A case report
The aim of the study was to examine the in vivo viability of in vitro-produced (IVP) porcine embryos obtained from oocytes matured with thymosin. The research material for this study consisted of immature pig oocytes obtained from ovaries after slaughter and ejaculated semen obtained from one boar. The immature oocytes were cultured in vitro until the metaphase II stage in a medium supplemented with thymosin (TMS). The presumptive zygotes obtained were cultured in vitro for 4-40 hours. The presumptive zygotes and 2-4-cell embryos were evaluated in vivo after transferring them to synchronized recipients. After the transfer of embryos from the experimental group into 2 recipients (50 embryos into each gilt) and the transfer of 50 embryos from the control group into 1 recipient, both gilts that had received embryos obtained by in vitro fertilization of oocytes matured with TMS became pregnant and delivered a total of 16 live piglets. After the transfer of embryos from the control group, no pregnancy was achieved. In conclusion, the results of our preliminary study suggest that the maturation of pig oocytes with thymosin supports the in vivo survival of in vitro produced embryos. It is important to note, that this was the first birth of piglets obtained after transfer of IVP embryos in Poland.
Keywords: pig, oocyte maturation, thymosin, embryo transfer