Med. Weter. 75 (9), 567-571, 2019

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Simultaneous screening of antibiotic residues in honey by biochip multi-array technology
The existence of antibiotic residues in food causes serious health problems in humans. This study aims to determine antibiotic residues in honey intended for consumption. Evidence Investigator™ Biochip Array technology enables simultaneous quantitative detection of multiple analytes on a single sample. The Anti Microbial Array IV test kit is used in simultaneously detecting the quantity of 12 different groups of antimicrobials in honey samples. A competitive chemiluminescent immunoassay was employed for the detection of antimicrobials. The light signal produced from each test region on the biochip was detected using digital imaging technology. In this study, a total of 45 honey samples including 5 brands of honey and 40 local honey were analyzed. The honey samples were simultaneously screened for 12 different types of antibiotic residues by using the Evidence Investigator™ Anti Microbial Array IV test kit. In the honey samples examined, residues of erythromycin, streptomycin, amikacin, lincosamides, tylosin B and neomycin were detected. 91% of samples involved erythromycin residues whereas 15% of the local samples included streptomycin residues above the recommended concentration.
Keywords: biochip, multi-array, antibiotic residues, screening, honey