Med. Weter. 2021, 77 (9), 442-445

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Determination of Serum Nesfatin-1 Level in Healthy Sheep
Nesfatin-1 is a peptide hormone first documented in studies with rats. It affects appetite control, hunger, fat storage, obesity, water intake, and body temperature. It also plays a role in the regulation of sleep. The lack of knowledge on the level of nesfatin in sheep prompted this study to estimate serum nesfatin concentrations in healthy sheep of different ages and both sexes. Nesfatin values were found to be significantly lower in females than in males. The following differences were observed between the groups: In the female group, the nesfatin level amounted to 5.23 ±1.13 ng/mL in ewes and 3.14 ±0.59 ng/mL in lambs. In the male group, the nesfatin level was 14.31 ±3.94 ng/mL in adults, but higher in male lambs, at 28.83 ±1.72 ng/mL. This preliminary study of serum nesfatin levels in healthy sheep of different ages and both sexes is relevant for future studies and may guide further research on this topic.
Keywords: age differences, sex differences, nesfatin, sheep