Med. Weter. 2021, 77 (12), 594-598

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Use of a sorption-probiotic feed additive in the diet of cows
Sorption and probiotic feed additive composition was formulated following international experience and trends in organic livestock breeding, and its efficiency under conditions of organic milk production was evaluated. This research focused on the dynamics of organic milk quality and safety parameters in the context of a sorption and probiotic feed additive created by the authors. The study focused on sorption and the probiotic feed additive, as well as the milk of the cows participating in the experiment. During the study period, the mass fraction of fat in the milk of experimental animals increased by 0.1 abs.%, the mass fraction of protein by 0.21 abs.%, and the mass fraction of lactose also by 0.1 abs.% compared to the control values. The mean fat globule size in the experimental group was 3.5% higher, and their number was 7.8% higher than the control counts. In the experimental group, the proportion of casein increased by 10.5%. The rennet casein class increased to 1.7 ± 0.02 and heat resistance to 1.5 ± 0.02. Milk density was 1027.6 ± 0.30 kg/m3 and acidity was 16.9 ± 0.23 °Т.
livestock breeding, milk quality and safety, organic dairy products, organic milk, sorption and probiotic feed additive