Med. Weter. 78 (7), 313-366, 2022

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Senescent cells and cancer cells as apoptosis suppressors – causes and effects Madej J.A. [ summary ] 315


Antibiotic resistance patterns circulating between chicken and human origin .... Gunaydın E., et al. [ summary ] 324
Analysis of the emotional relationship between humans and animals in the aspect of the death ... Wojtaś J., et al. [ summary ] 330
Evaluation of tear secretion by phenol red thread Test in holstein cows Sağlam K., et al. [ summary ] 337
CCR2 contributes to the homing of MSCs and liver regeneration Xing X., et al. [ summary ] 341
Possibilities of using dried mulberry pulp as an additive in alfalfa silage Şengül Ö., et al. [ summary ] 347
Radiographic evaluation of Cardiac Size in The Stork (Ciconiiformes: Ciconiidae) Günay E., et al. [ summary ] 351
Effects of tutoring application in teaching basic subjects to veterinary students Kędzierski W., et al. [ summary ] 355