Med. Weter. 80 (6), 245-298, 2024

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Pig production in Poland in the 20th century: History and ... Merta-Staszczak A., et al. [ summary ] 247
Detection of bacterial fish pathogens by MALDI-TOF MS- state of the art Olech M., et al. [ summary ] 257


Medial coronoid process disease in the course of elbow dysplasia in dogs Kubiak-Nowak D., et al. [ summary ] 264
Comparison of Immunomodulatory Effects of Free and Liposomal ... Susar H., et al. [ summary ] 271
In vitro influence of plant extracts beyond taxonomy: a comparison ... Aurel V., et al. [ summary ] 278
Effects of Asprosin Levels and Some Biochemical Parameters ... Yenilmez K., et al. [ summary ] 283
Potential for spread of carp edema virus (CEV) trought vector fish species Adamkowska N., et al. [ summary ] 287