Medycyna Wet. 58 (11), 825-912, 2002


Methodology validation - requirements, recommendations and practice Piskorska-Pliszczyńska J. [digitized ] 827
Megacolon in humans and animals – etiopathogenesis and therapy Romański K., Sławuta P., Jankowski M. [digitized ] 832
Home-prepared diets for cats Kurosad A., Nicpoń J. [digitized ] 836
Role of zinc in stallions Danek J. [digitized ] 840
Physiological peculiarities of water spatial volumes in the neonatal period, with special regard to calves Jankowiak D. [digitized ] 845
BSE cases in Poland from the perspective of a cattle breeder Jasiorowski H. A. [digitized ] 849


First cases of BSE in Poland Polak M.P., Rożek W., Rola J., Larska M., Żmudziński J.F., Kozaczyński W., Reichert M., Wijaszka T., Ankiewicz K.,
Piróg-Komorowska A., Roels S.
[digitized ] 852
Immunocytochemical location of metallothionein in lymphoma malignum in dogs Madej J.A., Milnerowicz H., Dzimira S., Nowak M. [digitized ] 857
Estimation of humoral immunological response in calves to antigens of Mannheimia haemolytica serotype 1 outer membrane proteins (OMPs)
Wernicki A., Puchalski A., Urban-Chmiel R., Mikucki P.
[digitized ] 860
Application of Shiga toxin-specific digoxigenin-labeled DNA probes for identification of Shigatoxigenic Escherichia coli strains (STEC) in bovine feces
Osek J., Gallien P.
[digitized ] 863
Identification of polymorphism at 11 microsatellite loci in Hereford cattle Janik A., Ząbek T., Radko A. [digitized ] 867
Blood plasma urea and its relationship with yield and composition of cow’s milk Chladek G. [digitized ] 871
Immunoglobulin levels in the blood serum of calves in relation to physicochemical properties and trypsin inhibitory activity of the colostrum
Zachwieja A., Chrzanowska J., Szulc T., Dobicki A.
[digitized ] 874
Hormonal activity of the thyroid gland in mares during winter anestrus and selected sexual cycles in the reproductive season Niezgoda J.,
Tischner M., Wrońska-Fortuna D.
[digitized ] 877
Evaluation of mineral levels in the trophic system with regard to activity of select enzymes in horses’ blood serum before and during intensive
activity period
Bis-Wencel H., Saba L, Wnuk W., Nowakowicz-Dębek B., Krzyszycha J. [digitized ] 881
The interaction between somatic cell count (SCC) and content of chosen macro elements in sows’ milk Rekiel A., Więcek J. [digitized ] 884
Herb mixture as an antibiotic substitute in pig feeding Urbańczyk J., Hanczakowska E., Świątkiewicz M. [digitized ] 887
Development of goslings obtained after geese insemination with fresh or frozen-thawed semen Wertelecki T., Łukasiewicz E., Jamroz D. [digitized ] 890
Effects of dietary sources of zinc and its levels in the diet on semen quality of turkeys Jankowski J., Głogowski J., Suszyńska D., Demianowicz W.,
Koncicki A., Ciereszko A.
[digitized ] 895
The survival of Campylobacter coli in slurry stored at different temperatures Paluszak Z., Olszewska H. [digitized ] 899