Medycyna Wet. 58 (8), 561-648, 2002


Proliferative kidney disease (PKD) of salmonid fish new views on its etiology and spread Prost M. [digitized ] 563
Biological role of interferon tau Fałkowska-Podstawka M., Wrona Z., Krakowski L. [digitized ] 568
Leptin and its role in reproduction and gene polymorphism Madeja Z., Piasecka A., Lechniak D., Świtoński M. [digitized ] 572
Factors effecting the recognition of somatic cloning of farm animals Jurkiewicz J. [digitized ] 577
Sex-related differences in the development of pre-implantation embryos in mammals Lechniak D. [digitized ] >] 581
Gardnerella vaginalis as a causative agent of genitourinary system infections in animals and man Kostro K., Gliński Z., Mizak B.,
Wojcicka-Lorenowicz K., Krakowski L.
[digitized ] 585


Molecular characterization and clonal analysis of strains of Escherichia coli O157 group isolated from different sources Osek J., Gallien P.,
Timm M.
[digitized ] 590
Analysis of genetic polymorphism in E. coli strains isolated from artiodactyla animals Baldy-Chudzik K., Niedbach J., Stosik M. [digitized ] 594
Influence of iron and isoprinosine on immunology parameters in piglets Markowska-Daniel I., Żmudzki J., Pejsak Z. [digitized ] 598
Pattern of rhinoscopy in dogs Kupczyńska M., Makowiecka M., Lechowski R., Żmudzka M., Jagielska M., Szara T. [digitized ] 603
Micro-organisms isolated from gingival pockets of dogs with paradontopathic lesions Polkowska I., Różańska D., Ćwiek A. [digitized ] 608
Bradycardia in dogs Pasławska U. [digitized ] 611
Comparison of the sensitivity of bacteria isolated from clinical and subclinical mastitis in cows in relation to chloramphenicol, tiamphenicol and
Wawron W., Szczubiał M. [digitized ] 614
Effect of differentiated high energy nutrition and antioxidants on the biochemical parameters in the serum of Blue Polar Foxes Kopczewski A.,
Bis-Wencel H., Saba L., Sławoń J., Ondraśović M., Wnuk W.
[digitized ] 616
Ovarian follicles in goats during anoestrus Schwarz T., Wierzchoś E. [digitized ] 620
Effect of feeding and fasting on some blood parameters of dairy heifers Oprządek J., Oprządek A., Dymnicki E., Reklewski Z. [digitized ] 623
Influence of cow breed and succesive lactation on the selected milk features Kuczaj M. [digitized ] 628
Somatic cell count in bulk tank milk in relation to management and technological factors Skrzypek R. [digitized ] 632
Somatic cell count and milk yield and composition in Black and White × Holstein-Friesian cows Sawa A., Piwczyński D. [digitized ] 636
xistence of horse botfly Gasterophilus intestinalis eggs on coats of mares, suckling colts and young mares and colts of primitive Polish horses
Romaniuk K., Snarska A.
[digitized ] 641
Manganese in horse’s blood serum and hair Cieśla A. [digitized ] 644