Medycyna Wet. 58 (2), 81-160, 2002


Transgenic animals - future prospects and threats Kozak M. [digitized ] 83
Caliciviruses - human and animal pathogens Fitzner A. [digitized ] 89
Domestic animals and HIV infected people Wiercińska-Drapało A. [digitized ] 96
The control of viral diseases in fish and methods of disinfection Antychowicz J. [digitized ] 99
oor performance in horses - causes and diagnosis Kowalik S., Drobek-Gilowska A., Studziński T. [digitized ] 103
Atrial natriuretic peptide - ANP Dratwa A. [digitized ] 108


Results of sanitary examination of poultry slaughtered in Poland during 2000 Lis H. [digitized ] 112
The incidence of parasites in slaughter-house effluence Paszkiewicz W. [digitized ] 114
Surgical repair of cranial ligament rupture in dogs by means of a surgical band - Surgical Loop Adamiak Z., Brzeski W., Kalinowska K.,
Jaroszewicz A.
[digitized ] 117
Combined anaesthesia with atropine, midazolam and propofol in arthroscopic procedures in dogs Chyczewski M., Jałyński M., Brzeski W., Nowicki M.,
Adamiak Z., Depta A., Rychlik A.
[digitized ] 120
Causes and management of dystocia in mares Witkowski M., Zając S., Łuczak R. [digitized ] 124
The influence iron and isoprinosine on haematological parameters in piglets Markowska-Daniel I., Pejsak Z. [digitized ] 127
Effect of dietary fat on the chemical composition and fatty acid profile of sows colostrum and milk Pietras M., Barowicz T. [digitized ] 134
Physical condition and productivity of black-and-white cows in extensive cattle breeding Borkowska D., Januś E. [digitized ] 138
Molecular diagnosis of bovine leukosis (BLV)l Kubiś P., Rułka J. [digitized ] 141
Marek’s disease in flocks of layers and broilers Wieliczko A., Dzimira S., Mazurkiewicz M. [digitized ] 144
Prevalence of intestinal parasites in riding horses Gawor J. [digitized ] 148
The effects of various preservation methods on the quality of salami-type sausage Tyburcy A., Gniewosz M., Bugajewska A., Wiśniewski P,,
Misiura S.
[digitized ] 151