Medycyna Wet. 62 (1), 77-80, 2006
Bakuła T., Apoznański J., Baranowski M., Wilczyński K., Gajęcki M.
Influence of essential fatty acids present in fish oil on productive results in gilts
The study was carried out on 20 gilts (Polish Landrace) selected for reproduction. They were 120-125 days old and their medium body weight was 62.2 kg. The animals were divided into 2 groups: K and D. Feed mixtures used in feeding group D contained 3% addition of fish oil. The colostrums of sows that received feed supplemented with fish oil had both a quantitatively and qualitatively higher fat content The MUFA content was 3.68% lower and PUFA content was 4.07% higher. The number of live-born piglets in the litter was 2.9 times higher. Fertility and milk productivity of the gilts also increased. The body mass of the litters on day 21 of life was higher and mortality decreased.
Keywords: fish oil, fatty acids, EFA, gilts