Medycyna Wet. 62 (1), 64-66, 2006
Przetocka-Wydro A.
Influence of ovarian cysts on tunica mucosa of the oviduct and uterus in cats
The aim of the research was to test the tunica mucosa of the oviduct and endometrium in female cats with ovarian cysts. Material (oviducts and uterus) was obtained during ovariohysterectomy. The investigation was carried out on oviducts and uteruses of 23 cats. The first group consisted of 15 cats which had ovarian cysts, the second group consisted of 8 cats without cysts. The organs were collected during surgery, after which they were fixed in 4% formalin for 48 h and processed routinely with paraffin embedding. Sections were cut at 6-7 µm, mounted on slides, dyed, deparaffinized in xylenes and rehydrated in graded ethanol solutions. Sections were stained with hematoxylin/eosin and van Gieson. The tunica mucosa of the oviduct in the uterus were investigated. The number of cells in the epithelium were quantified by morphometry. In endometrium, in zona glandularis atrophy of glands, as well as in the degradation of epithelial cells exsecretory ducts occur. Secretory segments are cystic dilated with remaining secretions. Hypersecretion of facial epithelium is visible. Morphological changes in ovaries and uteruses result in persistent infertility in cats
Keywords: female cat, cysts, oviduct, uterus