Medycyna Wet. 62 (1), 59-61, 2006
Dzięcioł M., Stefaniak T., Twardoń J., Kozdrowski R.
Chosen parameters of the milk and blood of bitches with healthy mammary glands and those suffering from mastitis
The aim of the study was to examine chosen parameters of milk and blood taken from bitches suffering from mastitis and to evaluate the possibility of its use as an additional method in mastitis diagnosis. During the experiment 34 bitches of different breeds in postpartum lactation and during lactation connected with pseudopregnancy were used. Somatic cell count, pH and Cl levels were measured in the milk. Besides hematological examination, the concentration of haptoglobin was investigated in the blood. An elevation of somatic cells and increased levels of Cl were discovered in the milk from bitches suffering from mastitis. Furthermore the elevation of milk pH in the healthy pseudopregnant bitches and females with mastitis was determined. The inflammation of the mammary glands was connected with leukocytosis and elevated levels of haptoglobin in the blood.
Keywords: bitch, mastitis, lactation, haptoglobin