Medycyna Wet. 62 (1), 51-54, 2006
Adamiak Z., Nowicki M., Holak P.
Comparison and clinical estimation of classical and arthroscopic coronoidectomy for fragmented coroniod process treatment in dogs
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical and radiological findings of surgical outcomes following medial coronoidectomy. 20 dogs (22 elbow joints) were surgically treated by classical coronoidectomy (10 dogs) and arthroscopic procedure (10 dogs). Follow-up examinations were performed at 6 months (17 dogs) and at 12 months (14 dogs). During clinical examination improvement following the removal of the fragmented coronoid and lameness resolution was observed in all dogs. The radiographic examination showed the slowing down of degenerative changes of the operated elbows. The results of the study indicate that regardless of surgical method (classical coronoidectomy or arthroscopic treatment) slow progression of degenerative joint disease was ascertained in all dogs.
Keywords: coronoidectomy, arthroscopy, FCP, dog