Medycyna Wet. 62 (1), 24-27, 2006
Klećkowska-Nawrot J.
Morphological analysis of the accessory organs of the eye in domestic animals
Diseases of the accessory organs of the eye remain a grave problem in veterinary ophthalmology. The accessory organs of the eye protect the eyeball against external factors, as well as enabling it proper rotation and vision. Pathological processes more and more frequently disturb ophthalmologic practice of veterinary doctors. The paper was designed to review the anatomy of the accessory organs of the eye: the lids, the conjunctiva, the third eyelid, the superficial and deep glands of the third eyelid, the lacrimal apparatus and the orbital fasciae in domestic animals. Such a compilation may help to conduct surgery in veterinary ophthalmology.
Keywords: anatomy, eyeball, accessory organ of the eye