Medycyna Wet. 62 (2), 204-206, 2006
Krumrych W.
Influence of selected stimulators on chemiluminescence of peripheral blood neutrophils in horses
The purpose of the study was to assess the condition of peripheral blood neutrophiles in horses through using the luminal-enhanced chemiluminescence (CL) method. The study population consisted of 33 clinically healthy horses of both sexes (aged 3–15 years). The chemiluminescence of non-stimulated neutrophiles was measured as well as of those stimulated by a receptor stimulus - myosin (Z), opsonic zymosan (OZ) and formyl-Met-Leu-Phe (fMLP) and an extrareceptor stimulus - phorbol myristate acete (PMA). The results of the study demonstrated that the chemiluminescence of neutrophiles stimulated by Z and OZ was considerably higher in comparison to the values of CL stimulated by fMLP and PMA. The use of stimulators can trigger a "“respiratory burst"” and may be helpful in assessing the phagocyte activity of equine neutrophiles.
Keywords: chemiluminescence, neutrophiles, horses