Medycyna Wet. 62 (2), 189-192, 2006
Krukowski H.
Intramammary infections caused by environmental pathogens in cows
The aim of the study was to determine the frequency of occurrence of environmental mastitis in cows and to identify its main environmental pathogens. A total of 1929 milk samples were examined aseptically taken from 652 cows suffering from mastitis, from 9 dairy herds. Milk samples were plated as soon as possible on blood agar, Mac Conkey agar, Sabouraud agar and aesculin-talium acetate crystal violet agar. Bacteria and yeasts were identified by standard methods and using the API system. From these, 327 environmental infections were identified. The most frequently isolated environmental pathogens were environmental streptococci (51.07%), fungi (20.48%), coliforms (19.87%) and algae (2.44%). The mean proportion of cows affected by environmental mastitis was 9.8 percent. The mean percentage of quarters with environmental mastitis was 3.35%, with a mean of 1.3 quarter cases per cow.
Keywords: mastitis, cow