Medycyna Wet. 62 (2), 159-161, 2006
Marcinčák S., Hussein K., Máté D., Kožárová I., Sokol J., Zdolec N.
Premi®test – a screening test for detecting sulphadimidine residues in eggs of laying hens
The study investigated the presence of sulphadimidine residues in eggs after per oral administration of Sulfadimidin PG plv. sol. ad us. vet. (120 mg/hen/day) to laying hens. Premi®Test, a four-plate microbiological method, and HPLC were used to detect sulphadimidine residues. The positive findings of the Four-plate test (FPT) were confirmed by the results of Premi®Test. The absence of sulphadimidine residues was confirmed 72 hours after the last sulphadimidine administration by using the FPT. The presence of sulphadimidine residues was detected by Premi®Test within 8 days and by the FPT within 3 days after the last administration. The FPT test reported false-negative results for five days (kappa < 0.6) as compared with the results of Premi®Test. The study confirmed the conformity of results obtained by both Premi®Test and HPLC (kappa = 0.6).
Keywords: egg, Four-plate test, Premi®Test, sulphadimidine residues