Medycyna Wet. 62 (2), 156-158, 2006
Kaya G., Cakmak A., Karaer Z.
Seroprevalence of theileriosis and babesiosis of cattle
This study was carried out on cattle to detect the seroprevalence of theileriosis and babesiosis around the Antakya province. A total of 214 randomly selected cattle were examined from selected locations for Theileria annulata, Babesia bigemina, B. bovis and B. divergens. Blood samples were collected from the cattle by jugular vene puncture to obtain sera for IFAT. Thin blood smears were prepared from the punctured ear veins of each animal. The blood smears were stained with 5% Giemsa’s stain and examined microscopically at 100 × magnification. None of the Babesia species was detected but T. annulata observed in 5 (2.33%) blood smears. The sera were tested for the presence of antibodies to the T. annulata, Babesia bigemina, B. bovis and B. divergens by IFAT. Antibodies were detected against T. annulata in 24 and B. bigemina in 2 sera of the tested 214 cattle. Antibodies for B. bovis and B. divergens were not detected in any sera. It has been concluded that detailed molecular biological, serological and epidemiological studies needed to clarify the genetic and antigenic diversity of the blood parasites in Turkey.
Keywords: Babesia spp., IFAT, seroprevalence, Theileria annulata