Medycyna Wet. 62 (2), 127-129, 2006
Lipińska J., Szymaœ J., Szarek J.
Telepathology – new diagnostic tool
Telepathology as a new method of remote diagnosis of microscopic slides is becoming increasingly more common in human medical pathology and has also begun to be used in veterinary pathology. Its main advantages are the possibilities of consulting diagnosis with specialists all over the world, remote teaching and remote work using microscopes. The dynamic development of Internet and telecommunication has facilitated free access to written and image data collected all over the world. Thanks to the use of telepathological systems pathologists can observe and diagnose virtual slides made in even the most remote laboratories, and this has contributed to the development of cooperation, exchange of experience and knowledge without the constraints of time and place
Keywords: telepathology, veterinary pathology, virtual slide