Medycyna Wet. 62 (3), 311-315, 2006
Katkiewicz M., Boryczko Z.
Structural ovarian changes in bitches with uterus diseases
The aim of this study was to investigate the ovaries’ structure in bitches with HC/pyometra complex disease. The description of the hormonal disturbances responsible for the etiopathogenesis of this disease syndrome were based on the expression of the nuclear ER and PR receptors and the cytoplasm alfa-inhibin expression. The microscopic examination of ovaries of bitches with uterus diseases revealed the presence of the simultaneous changes in the ovarian intertitium. This was manifested by the appearance of the so called secondary interstitial cells. The main features of these cells’ microscopic structure were the yellowish, lipid loaded cytoplasm. Their nuclei expressed PR receptors or ER receptors, and all of them expressed faint cytoplasm alfa-inhibin receptors. The number of the so called secondary interstitial cells increased with the degree of uterus pathological lesions. The hypothetic mechanism of the endocrine disturbances as a cause of ovarian changes as well as their supposed relation to etiopathogenesis of endometrial cystic hyperplasia and pyometra complex in bitches were discussed.
Keywords: bitches, endometritis