Medycyna Wet. 62 (7), 840-841, 2006
Winiarczyk S., Adaszek Ł., Dziduszko A., Grądzki Z., Madany J., Skrzypczak M.
Applying the PCR method in diagnosing canine distemper virus
The aim of the study was to estimate the utility of the PCR method in diagnosing canine distemper. A group of 4 healthy, vaccinated dogs (Canivac F Biowet Pu³awy) and a group 14 sick animals having symptoms of distemper were included in the experiment. Specimens of blood from all dogs were collected and leucocytes were isolated, RNA extracted and reverse transcription carried out. The obtained c DNA was used in RT-PCR. Genetic material of the virus in the leucocytes of all the vaccinated animals was detected using RT-PCR between day 6-19 and by nested PCR between days 2-24 following immunization. RT-PCR was positive in 3 dogs of the group of sick animals and nested PCR in 9 additional dogs.
Keywords: distemper, dogs