Medycyna Wet. 62 (7), 830-833, 2006
Wójcik R., ŚŒwięcicka-Grabowska G.
Biochemical and nonspecific immunity parameters in turkeys vaccinated with ND virus following KLP-602 or Mycobacterium chelonae administration
The aim of the study was to compare KLP-602 or M. chelonae on some biochemical and nonspecific immunity parameters in turkeys immunized with the virus antigen. Research was carried out on 30 turkeys (3 groups, 10 birds in each), who were given one of the two immunity stimulators: KLP-602 or M. chelonae at the age of 29 days. The control group was comprised of birds receiving no stimulators. All the birds received an active mesogenic Roakin strain of ND virus after 7 days and again after 100 days and the biochemical parameters (total proteins, gammaglobulin, ceruloplasmin level), humoral defense parameters (level of lysozyme), cellular parameters (potential killing activity, respiratory burst activity and proliferation activity) were determined. The obtained results demonstrated that M. chelonae had a more significant stimulatory effect on biochemical and humeral immunity parameters than KLP-602.
Keywords: turkeys, KLP-602, Mycobacterium chelonae, nonspecific immunity parameters, biochemical factors