Medycyna Wet. 62 (7), 827-829, 2006
Wawrzyniak-Gacek A., Pawelec J., Cybulska R.
Iron content in various types of oligodendroglia in the corpus callosum and capsula interna of rat brains
The aim of the study was to trace the content and location of iron in three types of oligodendrocytes in the corpus callosum and capsula interna of the brains of thirty-day old Wistar rats. The evaluation was achieved by Leo Omega 912 AB electron microscope, using the spectroscopy method of mapping iron ESI (Electron Spectroscopic Imaging). A variety within the iron content of the three different types of examined cells was indicated. The greatest accumulation of iron displayed dark oligodendrocytes, lesser - medium and the least - light oligodendrocytes. The paper discussed the relation between cytoplasm density and iron content in the studied types of oligodendroglia.
Keywords: oligodendrocytes, iron, corpus callosum