Medycyna Wet. 62 (7), 807-810, 2006
Majer-Dziedzic B., Buczek J., Dziedzic R., Ziętek J.
Viral hemorrhage disease in hares (European Brown Hare Syndrome) in breeding farms – prophylactic measures
The viral etiology of the disease was established on the basis of virological, anatomopathological, and bacteriological examinations. The isolated aetiological agent of the European Brown Hare Syndrome virus (EBHS; Calicivirdae, Logovirus) was used to produce its own vaccine against EBHS. The vaccine was used to immune 82 hares and eliminated the mortality rate of EBHS infected hares under controlled conditions. The study confirmed the minor pathogenicity of the EBHS virus for rabbits and indicated the presence of cross- -immune reactions between the EBHS and RHD viruses
Keywords: EBHS virus, hares, vaccination