Medycyna Wet. 62 (7), 792-796, 2006
Ziółkowska G., Tokarzewski S.
Determination of antifungal activity of Enizol: a specific disinfecting preparation
The objective of the present study was to evaluate the antifungal activity of Enizol, a new disinfecting preparation with enilkonazole as the active substance. For both the studies in vitro and in vivo the initial concentration of Enizol was constituted by an aqueous solution of the preparation at a ratio of 1:100. The investigations covered 34 strains of the following mould fungi: A. fumigatus (n=5), A. versicolor (n=3), Penicillium spp. (n=5), Cladosporium spp. (n=4), Scopulariopsis spp. (n=3), Fusarium spp. (n=4), Alternaria spp. (n=5), Mucor spp. (n=5), as well as 10 strains of yeast-like fungi: Candida albicans (n=5) and Candida non-albicans (n=5). The minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimal fungicidal concentration (MFC) of Enizol were determined in vitro according to NCCLS M27-A and by a cylinder dilution method. The MIC values for these organisms appeared to be differentiated and ranged from 0.07 µgml-1 (A. versicolor) up to 37.5 µgml-1 (Mucor spp.). A group of extremely sensitive fungi comprised Aspergillus spp. (0.07 - 1.2 µgml-1), Penicillium spp. (0.07 – 1.2 µgml-1) and Alternaria spp. (2.4 µgml-1); Cladosporium spp. genus (4.75 µgml-1) indicated the medium susceptibility toward the inhibitory activity of Enizol, whereas Fusarium spp. (9.5 µgml-1), Mucor spp. (19.0 – 37.5 µgml-1) and Scopulariopsis spp. (19.0 µgml-1) had the lowest values. The antifungal efficacy of the studied preparation is confirmed by its lethal characteristics. The minimal fungicidal concentrations (MFC) were differentiated subject to the species of fungus studied. At the same time the sensitivity of the anascogenic yeast Candida genus was analyzed and consequently the fungi were classified among the organisms relatively resistant to (9.5 µgml-1 MIC, 37.5 µgml-1 MFC) Enizol activity. The studies in vivo confirmed the sensitivity of fimbriate fungi to the preparation and, usually, this was consistent with the tests in vitro. At the same time the antifungal efficacy of Enizol in vivo was demonstrated towards the fungi Candida genus, which indicates its usability as a lethal preparation in an environment where animals stay.
Keywords: geese, Enizol, yeast-like fungi, mould, MIC, MFC