Medycyna Wet. 62 (7), 788-791, 2006
Rząsa A., Stefaniak T., Nikołajczuk M.
Production and characterization of swine Haemophilus somnus immune serum
The aim of the study was the estimation of swine immune serum administered to porkers immunized with a self-prepared H.somnus vaccine. A common facultative pathogen in cattle, Haemophilus somnus, was utilized for the production of swine immune serum. This was inspired by the formerly detected wide cross-reactivity of H. somnus antibodies with other Gram-negative bacteria and additionally by the high clinical ability of H. somnus antisera used in calves, foals and puppies in Gram-negative infections. It is noteworthy that a higher humoral immune response was indicated by porkers protected as piglets with H. somnus immune serum. Moreover, they demonstrated rapid IgG antibody increase from the start of immunization. Porkers given the H. somnus vaccine showed an anamnestic-type immune response. No negative influence of the fatteners’ immunization on production results was confirmed.
Keywords: Haemophilus somnus, pigs