Medycyna Wet. 59 (10), 845-948, 2003


Sex determination in mammals Szatkowska I., Zych S., Kulig H. [digitized ] 847
Utilizing genetic markers for mastitis resistance Sender G., Korwin-Kossakowska A., Stępińska U. [digitized ] 853
Current views about causes and treatment of retained placenta in mares Barański W., Ras A., Janowski T. [digitized ] 857
European wild boar (Sus scrofa L.) as a reservoir of infectious diseases for domestic pigs Lipowski A. [digitized ] 861
Acute phase proteins in rabbits Kostro K., Wojcicka-Lorenowicz K., Gliński Z. [digitized ] 864
Immuno-endocrine uterine defense mechanisms in bacterial infections Kucharski J. [digitized ] 868


Prevalence and treatment of subclinical mastitis in cows Aniulis E., Japertas S., Klimaite J., Aniuliene A [digitized ] 872
New rapid tests for BSE post mortem diagnosis Polak M.P., Larska M., Żmudziński J.F. [digitized ] 876
Changes in serum concentration of thyroid hormones, total lipids and cholesterol in fatteners Migdał W., Sechman A., Rząsa J., Borowiec F.,
Fandrejewski H., Raj S., Waremko D., Skiba G.
[digitized ] 879
Biological quality of eggs from native strains of laying hens Cywa-Benko K., Krawczyk J. [digitized ] 884
Ki-67 protein as a prognostic factor in mammary gland tumors in female dogs Giziński S., Boryczko Z., Katkiewicz M., Bostedt H. [digitized ] 888
Occurrence of tapeworms in horses from East-Central Poland Gundłach J.L., Tomczuk K., Studzińska M., Sadzikowski A. B. [digitized ] 892
Cell chimerism diagnostics in sheep based on blood groups and DNA microsatellite markers Rychlik T., Radko A., Rejduch B., Kaczor U. [digitized ] 895
Comparison of the effect of consecutive stages of cryopreservation on spermatozoal properties in dogs and boars and preliminary results
of artificial insemination with frozen-thawed semen
Niżański W., Bielas W. [digitized ] 898
Variability of Polish isolates of the RHD virus Fitzner A., Kęsy A. [digitized ] 905
Resistance to the freezing process of White Kołuda gander spermatozoa in four subsequent generations Łukaszewicz E. [digitized ] 909
Effect of initial nutrition of broiler chicks on yolk sac resorption Pisarski R. K., Malec H., Pijarska I. [digitized ] 914
Effect of zinc supplemented diets on the reproduction results for turkey-hens Jankowski J., Głogowski J., Suszyńska D., Polak M.,
Ciereszko A.
[digitized ] 919
Fauna of gastro-intestinal parasites in red foxes in Western Poland Balicka-Ramisz A., Ramisz A., Pilarczyk B., Bieńko R. [digitized ] 922
Chlorinated hydrocarbons in honey from the Warmia and Mazury voivodship Romaniuk K., Spodniewska A., Kur B. [digitized ] 926
Influence of vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 on the proliferation and orphological pattern of hepatocytes in piglets Otrocka-Domagała I.,
Rotkiewicz T., Mikołajczyk A., Kasperowicz B., Karpińska J., Purzyńska-Pugacewicz A.
[digitized ] 930
Diagnostic value of FLK/BLV antigen in PLA test for the detection of bovine leukosis Buzała E., Rułka J. [digitized ] 935