Medycyna Wet. 59 (8), 653-748, 2003


Gastric ulcer disease in swine Houszka M., Rouibah K. [digitized ] 655
Cat scratch disease and other diseases caused by bacteria of Bartonella genus Stojek N., Zwoliński J. [digitized ] 660
Molecular mechanisms of the pathogenicity of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli strains (EPEC) Osek J. [digitized ] 665
Role of blood in the transmission of prion diseases Larska M., Polak M.P. [digitized ] 670
Risk factors and their importance in the etiology of bovine respiratory disease complex in calves and young beef cattle Stec A., Mochol J. [digitized ] 673
Hallucinogenic mushrooms – medical and veterinary aspects Wiercińska-Drapało A., Prokopowicz D. [digitized ] 679
Influence of a high protein diet on the reproductive efficiency of dairy cows Markiewicz H. [digitized ] 682


Enlarged prostate lesions of pure-bred and mongrel dogs Bauzaite N., Aniuliene A. [digitized ] 686
Effect of Equex STM on the quality of frozen-thawed dog semen Niżański W., Bielas W. [digitized ] 691
Gaining multidrug-resistance by Salmonella strains under in vitro conditions Skowron M., Boś M., Rzedzicki J. [digitized ] 696
Effects of modified dietary fishmeal on broiler performance and meat quality Dobrzański Z., Jamroz D., Usydus Z., Trziszka T. [digitized ] 702
Advances in foot-and-mouth disease laboratory diagnoses Paprocka G. [digitized ] 706
Evaluating different S. aureus strains studied by DNA–fingerprinting Sachanowicz J., Jakubczak A., Kleczkowski M. [digitized ] 710
Biochemical and non-specific immunity parameters in turkeys immunised with the Roakin strain of NDV virus after administrating levamisol and
Wójcik R., Święcicka-Grabowska G. [digitized ] 713
Development in-vitro of bovine embryos obtained following OPU/IVF and the results of their freezing and transfer Papis K., Wojdan J.,
Wenta-Muchalska E., Kołodziejski Z., Gawron W.
[digitized ] 718
Immunocytochemical studies on bombesin-like peptides in the male rat reproductive system during postnatal development Miśkowiak B.,
Limanowski A., Partyka M., Konwerska A.
[digitized ] 722
Evaluation of the attractiveness of broods of select subspecies of honeybee for Varroa destructor females Wilde J., Romaniuk K., Siuda M.,
Bąk B.
[digitized ] 726
Sodium, potassium, and chloride ion concentrations in the blood plasma and erythrocytes of pregnant goats Jankowiak D., Sareło K.,
Drzeżdżon D., Łukaszewska E.
[digitized ] 728
Select haematological and immunological indices of Arabian mares in relation to their age Budzyńska M., Tietze M., Fiołka M. [digitized ] 733