Medycyna Wet. 59 (2), 93-184, 2003


Some new data concerning virology and transmissible spongiform encephalopathies Larski Z. [digitized ] 95
Telomerase – main trends in research Lechowski R., Żmudzka M. [digitized ] 100
Role of melatonin in prolactin secretion control of sheep Molik E., Ciuryk S. [digitized ] 104
Complex vertebral malformation and its implication for cattle breeding Grzybowski G. [digitized ] 107
Diagnostics of the urinary system diseases in horses Dąbrowska J. [digitized ] 112
Applying a scanning electron microscope with a variable pressure option (SEM VP). Observations of the corrosion casts of the blood vessels
Jackowiak H., Godynicki S.
[digitized ] 116
Physiological peculiarities of kidney functioning in calves during the neonatal period Jankowiak D. [digitized ] 119


Usefulness of a lysosyme dimmer in treating endometritis in mares Wiśniewski E., Czerwonka Z., Czerwonka B. [digitized ] 124
Health status of mammary glands and etiological agents of mastitis in herds with a high somatic cell count Malinowski E., Kłossowska A.,
Kaczmarowski M., Kotowski K., Nadolny M., Kuźma K.
[digitized ] 128
Associations between polymorphism of the growth hormone gene and production traits of Limousine cattle Dybus A., Kmieć M., Sobek Z.,
Wiśniewski B.
[digitized ] 133
Usefulness of biopsy performed under control of USG in diagnosing nephropathy in dogs Jankowski M. [digitized ] 137
Studies on congenital toxoplasmosis in canines Śmielewska-Łoś E., Rypuła K., Dzimira S. [digitized ] 141
Obtaining and classifying of cat oocytes Grabiec A., Modliński J. A. [digitized ] 146
Application of carbon composite rings in small animal Ilizarov fixator’s structure Szponder T., Silmanowicz P., Chłopek J., Wajler C. [digitized ] 150
Inactivation of Ascaris suum eggs during sewage sludge composting Paluszak Z., Ligocka A., Olszewska H. [digitized ] 154
Activity of egg albumen proteins in relation to hen housing systems Świerczewska E., Kopeć W., Noworyta-Głowacka J., Riedel J. [digitized ] 157
Influence of therapeutic magnetic stimulation on concentration of collagen tissue in the course of experimental pleuritis in rats Całkosiński I.,
Borodulin-Nadzieja L., Stańda M., Wasilewska U., Pietraszkiewicz T.
[digitized ] 161
Bacterial microflora of the reproductive tracts of pigs with MMA syndrome and its antibiotic sensitivity Szczubiał M., Wawron W. [digitized ] 165
Effects of chronic exposure to cigarette smoke and its influence on the healing of oral mucosa wounds in guinea pigs Cieślik T., Wróbel J., Sabat D.,
Szczurek Z., Ścigała P., Cieślik-Bielecka A.
[digitized ] 168
Effects of cryopreservation methods, packaging systems and the thermoresistance test on the post-thaw quality of boar semen Bielas W., Dubiel A.,
Niżański W.
[digitized ] 172