Medycyna Wet. 62 (11), 1306-1309, 2006
Ratajczak K., Bzorski A.
Evaluation of fetlock joint puncture locations in horses
Horses'’ limb preparations (24 h after horses’ slaughter) were examined to determine which locations of the fetlock are the most favorable for puncturing for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. An accessibility test (effectiveness of joint puncture with and without using USG) and distribution test (degree and range of penetration joint cavity – Omnipaque). The research has proved that a dorsal puncture is the simplest and provides the most optimal distribution of contrast in the entire synovial cavity. A posterior-lateral puncture obtained a slightly lesser evaluation. In practice, the most difficult access to the synovial cavity is through the use of the lateral puncture.
Keywords: fetlock joint, puncture, synovial fluid, horse