Medycyna Wet. 62 (11), 1265-1268, 2006
Żmudzka M., Micuń J., Lechowski R.
Diagnostic value of telomerase activity measurement for skin neoplasms in dogs
The aim of this study was to discern whether telomerase activity might serve as a marker for canine skin tumors. Telomerase activity was measured in 57 samples of tumor tissues from operated dogs. Telomerase activity in the samples was measured using the diagnostic kit Telo TAGGG Telomerase PCR ELISA plus of ROCHE – photometric enzyme immunoassay for quantitative determination of telomerase activity, utilizing the telomeric repeat amplification protocol (TRAP). The samples were also investigated histopathologically. The performed investigations permitted the following conclusions: telomerase activity is substantially higher in malignant lesions then in benign lesions, but there is no differences between telomerase activity in benign lesions and normal skin. Telomerase activity in normal skin near malignant tumors is substantially higher then in normal skin from healthy dogs and there is no correlation between telomerase activity in malignant tumors and in the normal skin in their proximity.
Keywords: telomerase, cancer, dog