Medycyna Wet. 62 (11), 1256-1260, 2006
Wójcik R., ŚŒwięcicka-Grabowska G.
Selected parameters of non-specific immunity in turkeys vaccinated with Dindoral-SPF in response to a NDV antigen after the administration of levamisol and isoprinozine
The aim of the present study was to compare selected biochemical and non-specific immunity parameters in turkeys vaccinated with Dindoral-SPF in response to a live virus antigen, the Roakin strain of Newcastle disease virus (NDV), after the administration of two synthetic immunity stimulators: isoprinozine and levamisol. The experiment was performed on 30 turkeys. At 24-days-of-age they were vaccinated with the commercial vaccine Dindoral-SPF containing an attenuated strain of hemorrhagic enteritis virus (HEV). At 29-days-of-age the turkeys were divided into three groups of ten birds each. Particular subgroups were given a single dose of either levamisol or isoprinozine, and the third group (the control) received none of the immunity stimulators. After 7 days and again after 100 days all birds received a live mesogenic Roakin strain of NDV. Biochemical and non-specific immunity parameters were determined in blood collected from the wing vein. The results obtained indicated short-term but statistically significant decreases and increases in the levels of biochemical parameters (total protein, gammaglobulins and ceruloplasmin) and non-specific immunity indicators (lysozyme activity) in both experimental groups, as compared with the control group. More interesting, indicating higher effectiveness of isoprinozine than levamisol, were the results concerning non-specific cellular immunity in turkeys, including a higher metabolic activity of leukocytes in the NBT test, especially during the primary response, and higher leukocyte reactivity in the TB test, reflected by RI values, especially during the secondary response. The phagocytic activity of leukocytes, expressed as a percentage of phagocytizing cells and the values of the phagocytic index, was the highest in isoprinozine-stimulated turkeys
Keywords: turkeys, isoprinozine, levamisol