Medycyna Wet. 63 (1), 90-94, 2007
Mikulska-Skupień E., Procajło Z., Platt-Samoraj A., Terech-Majewska E., Siemionek J., Szweda W.
Hematological and biochemical indices in pigs following infection with Herpes virus suis type 1
The purpose of the study was to evaluate the dynamics of hematological and biochemical indices in control pigs and pigs vaccinated against Aujeszky`s disease (AD) and afterwards challenged with virulent Herpes virus suis type 1 (SHV-1). The study was performed using 21 Large White pigs, divided into three equal groups. Two groups were vaccinated intramuscularly or intradermally twice at 12 and 16 weeks of age with live attenuated deleted Porcilis Begonia (Intervet) vaccine. The third group was left as the non-vaccinated control group. Ten weeks after the first vaccination all pigs were challenged with a virulent NIA-3 strain of SHV-1 at a dose of 105,5TCID50/ml by instilling 0.5 ml of the virus suspension into each nostril. Blood for hematological and biochemical examinations was taken from the vena cava cranialis from four randomly chosen individuals of each group on the day of infection and next on day 3, 7, 14 and 21 after infection. The following indices were evaluated: hematological (RBC, WBC, Plt, Hb, Ht, MCV, MCHC) and biochemical (glucose, total protein, total cholesterol, creatinine, Ca, P, ALP, and LDH). The study indicated that, apart from clinical signs characteristic for AD which were observed mainly in the control pigs, experimental infection with virulent SHV-1 does not have a significant influence on the dynamics of the evaluated indices. The results obtained in both the vaccinated as well as control pigs generally fitted within the range of admitted reference values, although statistically significant differences were found in some indices both within and between groups. The greatest decrease in the examined indices was observed 3 to 7 days after infection in the control group and concerned RBC, Hb, Ht, as well as ALP and LDH activity. This decrease correlated to the intensity of clinical signs following infection and the dynamics of CRP and IFN-g levels as well as indices of non-specific cellular immune response.
Keywords: Aujeszky`s disease, hematological and biochemical indices