Medycyna Wet. 63 (3), 360-363, 2007
Milewski S., Wójcik R., Małaczewska J., Trapkowska S., Siwicki A. K.
Effect of β-1.3/1.6-D-glucan on meat performance and non-specific humoral defense mechanisms in lambs
The aim of the present study was to determine the effect ofβ-1.3/1.6-D-glucan added to feed on meat performance traits and non-specific humoral immunity parameters in lambs. The experiment was performed on 26 suckling Kamieniecka lambs, divided into two equal groups, control (I) and experimental (II), each composed of 7 males and 6 females. Over a 60-day experimental period the concentrate for lambs of the experimental group was supplemented with β-1.3/1.6-D-glucan. The following meat performance traits were determined: body weight, daily gains, growth rate, measurements of a transverse slice of musculus longissimus, thickness of skin with the fat layer and thickness of fat over the loin eye. The serum levels of non-specific humoral immunity parameters, i.e. lysozyme activity, gamma globulins and total protein, were also determined. The results indicated that dietary supplementation with β-1.3/1.6-D-glucan positively affected both meat performance and non-specific humoral defense mechanisms in suckling lambs. This was confirmed by a faster growth rate, better development of the longissimus muscle, as well as higher lysozyme activity and elevated levels of gamma globulins.
Keywords: lambs,β-1.3/1.6-D-glucan, meat