Medycyna Wet. 63 (3), 322-325, 2007
Kostro K., Zoń A., Bielański P., Jarosz Ł.
Unspecific cellular immunity in breeding foxes of different behavioral types
The objective of the studies was the comparison of chosen unspecific immune cellular parameters in female polar foxes of different behavioral types in the preparturient period. The studies were conducted on 51 female foxes of the basal breed divided into three groups: confident, timid and aggressive animals. The animals were divided on the basis of behavior in the catching and feeding tests. Statistically significant differences were found in the examined parameters of unspecific cellular immune responses in relation to the behavioral type. The highest values of the NBT reduction, phagocytic and bactericidal activity was noted in the “confident” male foxes and the lowest one in the “timid” animals. The observed differences in unspecific cellular immune parameters in breeding foxes of different behavior related to the genome may influence the susceptibility of animals to infectious diseases. In selection irrespectively of breeding parameters studies on immunity should be kept in mind.
Keywords: polar fox, immunity