Medycyna Wet. 63 (3), 309-313, 2007
Kiełbowicz Z., Bieżyński J., Skrzypczak P., Pasławska U.
Surgical procedures for patent ductus arteriosus in dogs
In this article, the surgical procedure performed on 12 dogs with patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) was described. Diagnostic methods included basic diagnostic procedures along with electrocardiography, x-ray and echocardiography. Moreover, gasometry of blood samples taken from the right atrium, right ventricle and pulmonary artery was conducted for each patient. In 2 cases diagnostic procedures were expanded to a contrast study by means of fluoroscopy. A cardiac catheter was placed through the femoral artery to the left ventricle, and subsequently, passing the PDA, to the pulmonary artery. This article includes a description of typical dangers encountered with this kind of surgery and methods of their avoidance. PDA closure was done with nonresorbable surgical material Ticron cardiovascular and titanium made vascular clips. Moreover, methods of surgical wound closure after thoracotomy and air removal from the pleural space were discussed. All of these 12 operated dogs recovered with no complications. Several years of permanent monitoring of their clinical status proved the usefulness of this method. There were no signs of cardiovascular abnormalities nor developing impairment. We recommend this surgical procedure for patent ductus arteriosus treatment.
Keywords: dog, patent ductus arteriosus