Medycyna Wet. 60 (1), 1-112, 2004


Estrogens in reproductive organ tumors Madej J. A. [digitized ] 6
New research on pathogenesis of the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) Pejsak Z., Stadejek T. [digitized ] 12
Advances in research on the species barrier in human and animal prion diseases Salwa A., Iwanicki A. [digitized ] 17
Pleuromutilin derivatives and their usage in veterinary treatment Kowalski C., Zań R., Roliński Z. [digitized ] 22
Loperamide as an anti-diarrhoea cure for humans and animals Romański K., Sławuta P. [digitized ] 27
Expression of BLV env gene in prophylaxis of bovine leucosis Rułka J. [digitized ] 30


Canine atopy in Slovakia Kozák M., Chandoga P., Bílek J., Fialkovičová M. [digitized ] 34
Chemoprophylaxis against coccidiosis in slaughter turkeys Gaweł A., Mazurkiewicz M. [digitized ] 38
Occurrence of Bacillus cereus on milk farms Berthold A., Molska I. [digitized ] 42
Hygienic quality of raw milk in relation to methods of production and storage Danków R., Wójtowski J., Fahr R.-D. [digitized ] 46
Investigations on localizing latent infections caused by bovine herpesvirus 1 Rola J., Żmudziński J. F. [digitized ] 50
Feline immune-deficiency virus (FIV) infections in the Warsaw area Kita P., Frymus T. [digitized ] 53
Properties of semen in the annual cycle of wild boar/domestic pig hybrids Kozdrowski R., Dubiel A. [digitized ] 57
Effect of different concentrations of protein and essential amino acids in feed on the health and performance of slaughter turkeys Koncicki A.,
Jankowski J., Rafalski R., Bukowska A., Krasnodębska-Depta A., Mazur-Gonkowska B.
[digitized ] 62
Effects of reproduction intensity and age of turkey-toms on the quantity, quality and biological value of their semen Kozłowski K., Jankowski J.,
Glogowski J.,Ciereszko A.
[digitized ] 66
Extent of Toxoplasma gondii invasion in goat and sheep from the Olsztyn region Michalski M., Platt-Samoraj A. [digitized ] 70
Prevalence of antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in urban pigeons and goshawks Piasecki T., Śmielewska-Łoś E., Wieliczko A. [digitized ] 72
Influence of calving interval length in HF cows on milk yield, its composition and some reproduction traits Krzyżewski J., Strzałkowska N.,
Reklewski Z., Dymnicki E., Ryniewicz Z.
[digitized ] 76
Trichinellosis in wild animals and domestic pigs in Poland Cabaj W., Moskwa B., Pastusiak K., Malczewski A. [digitized ] 80
Expression of VEGF-A, VEGF-B genes and Flk-1 and Flt-1 receptors in the kidneys of Sprague Dowley rats lacking a left artery descending into
the coronary
Gruchlik A., Domal-Kwiatkowska D., Stojko J., Smolik S., Stojko A., Mazurek U., Wilczok T . [digitized ] 84
Phytase as an enzyme improving zinc utilization in broiler chickens Świątkiewicz S., Koreleski J. [digitized ] 88
Influence of drying technique on select reproduction indices Rekiel A., Więcek J., Bielecki W., Czumińska K. [digitized ] 92
Estrogen concentration in the feces and blood of Full-blood and Polish Horse mares during pregnancy Skolimowska A., Janowski T.,
Golonka M.
[digitized ] 96
Granulosa cell tumors as a cause of infertility in mares Kusy R., Łopuszyński W., Piech T. [digitized ] 100