Medycyna Wet. 60 (10), 1017-1136, 2004


Zoo Primate Spongiform Encephalopathy (ZPSE) Gliński Z. et al. [digitized ] 1024
Melano-macrophage centers in fish tissue Prost M. [digitized ] 1027
Angiogenesis in cancer, antiangiogenic strategies and destruction of blood vessels Cygan Z. et al. [digitized ] 1030
Immunomodulatory role of cytokines in animal reproduction Krakowski L. et al. [digitized ] 1034
Role of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the etiology of osteoarthritis Dudek K. [digitized ] 1039
Detection methods for the degree of bleeding in slaughter animals Szkucik K. [digitized ] 1042


Influence of antibiotics on Salmonella biochemical property variability Rzedzicki J. et al. [digitized ] 1045
Salmonellosis in adult polar foxes in pre-reproductive period Kostro K. et al. [digitized ] 1049
Influence of connective tissue content on the spoilage of meat products Libelt K. et al. [digitized ] 1053
Cortical index (CI) of dogs’ femur assessment in determining mechanical ... Brodzki A. et al. [digitized ] 1056
Utilizing endoscopy for the treatment of cancer of the larynx in dogs Sobczyńska-Rak A. et al. [digitized ] 1061
Selected parameters of nonspecific immunity in atopic and non atopic dogs Wilkołek P. et al. [digitized ] 1064
Hemostatic disorders during the course of canine babesiosis Milczak A. et al. [digitized ] 1067
Canine subclinical leishmaniosis – a study report Madany J. et al. [digitized ] 1071
Outbreak of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis in a farm of dairy cows Winiarczyk S. et al. [digitized ] 1075
Activity of oxygen metabolism of neutrophils and monocytes in peripheral blood of cows with... Krakowski L. et al. [digitized ] 1080
Level of indicators of parenchymatous organ functions and energy in clinical hypocalcemia in dairy cows Kurek Ł. et al. [digitized ] 1084
Parasites of the alimentary tract of horses from the Lublin district in the light ... Gundłach J. L. et al. [digitized ] 1089
Fibrinogen as a marker of infection and disease progress of rhodococcosis in foals Ziętek A. et al. [digitized ] 1093
Relationship between hormonal status, IGF-I level and fate of matural follicles in mares Bobowiec R. et al. [digitized ] 1098
Influence of phytase and calcitriol on mechanical parameters of femora in broiler chickens Puzio I. et al. [digitized ] 1103
Evaluation of the bioequivalence sulfonamide reparations potentationed with trimethoprim in hen-broilers Kowalski C. et al. [digitized ] 1106
SP-immunoreactive nerve fibers in the bulbourethral glands of male sheep Flieger S. et al. [digitized ] 1110
Changes of the morphology of astrocytes in periaqueductal gray matter and arcuate ... Jaworska-Adamu J. et al. [digitized ] 1114
Protein profiles of antigenic preparations isolated from Malassezia pachydermatis strains Ziółkowska G. et al. [digitized ] 1118
Evaluation of the cytotoxic effect of fungicides with benzthioanilide structure Muzyczuk-Piekarska A. et al. [digitized ] 1124