Medycyna Wet. 63 (6), 708-711, 2007
Milewska W.
Intravital assessment traits and reproductive results of purebred Hampshire and Pietrain boars and crossbred boars raised at insemination stations
The aim of the study was to determine the relationship between traits of intravital assessment (standardized daily gains, content of meat in body, index of intravital assessment) and physical traits of ejaculates from boars raised at Insemination Stations. The material included 102 boars: 21 purebred – Hampshire (H), Pietrain (P) and 81 crossbreed – HxP, D(Duroc)xP, PxH, PxD and their 15 190 ejaculates. Under analysis were data concerning the following utility traits of boars: standardized daily gains for the age of 180 days, percent content of meat, index of intravital assessment, age of first and last ejaculate collection, period of utility at Insemination Station, causes of culling and traits of ejaculates such as: volume, sperm concentration, number of live spermatozoa, number of doses. There was a significant negative correlation between traits of intravital assessments and traits of ejaculates. It was demonstrated that improving the meatiness of boars without considering the quality of ejaculates could lower the results of reproduction traits
Keywords: boars, traits of ejaculates