Medycyna Wet. 63 (6), 703-707, 2007
Rekiel A., Sujka E.
Effect of stimulating the reproductive tract with synthetic plasma of semen on the results of the reproduction of gilts and sows
The purpose of the research was to determine the influence of using synthetic seminal plasma of boar (Predil MR-A®) to stimulate the reproductive tract of gilts and sows on reproduction indices and the economic justification of using the addition under production circumstances. The studies included 633 gilts and sows which were divided into groups: according to the number and means of administrating the synthetic plasma of semen and type of water used in preparation of the usable form of the preparation. An improvement of the index of fertilization effectiveness in the experimental groups as compared to the control ones was found for gilts and sows. In comparison to the control ones, the fertility of experimental multiparous females was significantly higher (P ≤ 0.05). Any effect of the employed water on the results of reproduction was not found. The obtained results of reproduction and simplified economic analysis indicate the usefulness of sensitizing the reproductive tract of gilts and sows by means of synthetic plasma of semen derived from boar Predil MR-A®.
Keywords: plasma of semen, pig reproduction