Medycyna Wet. 63 (6), 674-677, 2007
Ramin A-G., Siamak A-R., Macali S-A.
Evaluation on serum glucose, BHB, urea, and cortisol concentration in pregnant ewes
A study was conducted to determine the distribution of subclinical pregnancy toxemia by the evaluation of serum glucose, BHB, urea, and cortisol concentrations in pregnant ewes. Eight hundred and nine blood samples were collected from 497 pregnant, 242 lambed, and 70 aborted ewes. The concentrations of BHB, glucose and urea were assessed by spectrophotometer and cortisol by ELISA. Mean urea and BHB concentrations in pregnant ewes were greater and glucose was lower than in lambed and aborted ewes. Cortisol concentrations in pregnant ewes were higher than lambed but lower than aborted ewes. Except for BHB, the mean comparison of parameters showed a significant difference (P < 0.01) in that the concentrations were similar in all groups. A negative correlation (P < 0.05) in urea concentration was observed between pregnant and lambed ewes. There were correlations (P < 0.01) between BHB and glucose in pregnant ewes, BHB and cortisol in lambed ewes and BHB and urea in aborted ewes. Regarding the references, the concentration of BHB > 0.7 mmol/l is considered as subclinical pregnancy toxemia; the distribution and percent of ewes in pregnant, lambed and aborted groups were 61 (12.3%), 17 (7%) and 6 (8.57%), respectively. Similarly, for glucose < 20 mg/dl were 76 (15.3%), 38 (15.7%), 10 (14.3%) and for cortisol > 52 ng/ml were 28 (8.54%), 1 (0.6), 5 (10.2%), respectively. Significant differences were found for the BHB and cortisol groups. The highest subclinical pregnancy toxemia occurred among pregnant and aborted ewes. Mean comparison of parameters in the group with BHB > 0.7 mmol/l showed a significant difference (P < 0.01) for urea and cortisol concentrations and in the group of glucose < 20 mg/dl and cortisol > 52 ng/ml showed differences only for the BHB concentration. Thus it is concluded that hypoglycemia, uremia and high cortisol concentration in late pregnancy could be considered as subclinical pregnancy toxemia up to 12% that should be seriously considered in order to support prevention or enact treatment.
Keywords: ewes, BHB, urea, cortisol