Medycyna Wet. 63 (12), 1622-1625, 2007
GaŸździk T. S., Właszczuk P., Bielecki T., Bożek M., Marciniak J.
Influence of unidirectional pulsed electrical current stimulation on femur fracture healing in rabbits
The failure of the therapy of fractures in the form of a delayed union of the fractured bone or lack of this union, gave rise to research on the best conditions that are essential for a successful regeneration of the bone. The aim of this study was to present a semi-invasive stimulation method in vivo. The femur in 20 rabbits was sawed, and then stabilized by the Mikro-Zespol method. Electrostimulation was not used in the control group. Pulsed unidirectional electrical current of 70 micro A, 25% filled and 1 Hz (mean value 17.5 micro A) was applied in the experimental group to stimulate the fracture area. The animals were clinically and radiologically assessed. Bones of the sacrificed animals were sampled for histological examination. The bone repair process was more advanced in the experimental group in comparison to the control group in early research periods. Any pathologic findings related to cytotoxicity and carcinogenesis were not observed in livers and kidneys of the animals. This is an animal study and further clinical trials are needed to determine whether semi-invasive electrical stimulation method will be able to reduce the rate of bone healing disturbances.
Keywords: electrical field, femur fracture