Medycyna Wet. 63 (12), 1613-1615, 2007
Matyszczak Ł., Nicpoń J., NiedŸźwiedźŸ A., Sikorska A.
Clinical form of lymphosarcoma
Despite the fact that lymphosarcoma is rarely diagnosed in horses it is the most common neoplasm of the white blood cell system in those animals. There are many different types of lymphosarcoma but in horses it only occurs in one of four types. Coexistence of many various clinical symptoms hides the primary causes of such diseases as for instance neoplasm. Due to those facts the precise diagnosis depends on the recognition of neoplasm cells in the cytology of ascetic fluid. In our case a lot of ascetic fluids made an x-ray examination impossible. Neoplasm cells were observed in ascetic fluid and an anatomicopathologic examination of the tumor from the chest revealed lymphosarcoma with the origin of mediastinal lymph nodes. Because of the similarity between human and horse clinical symptoms it will be possible in the future to diagnose lymphosarcoma in horse on a human basis.
Keywords: lymphosarcoma, horse