Medycyna Wet. 63 (12), 1561-1563, 2007
Ozgel O., Dursun N., Oto C.
Arteries that supply the brain and the formation of circulus arteriosus cerebri in donkeys
The study investigated the anatomy of the arteries of the brain in seven donkeys following intravascular injection of colored latex via the a. vertebralis and a. carotis communis. Arterial blood washed the brain via the bilateral a. carotis interna and a. vertebralis and via the unpaired a. basilaris. A. carotis interna entered the cavum cranii at the level of sulcus pontocruralis, and ramified at the level of the corpus mamillare into a. cerebri rostralis and a. communicans caudalis. At the level intracranial entry, a. carotis interna gave rice to a. caroticobasillaris which was bilaterally present in 4 cases and unilaterally in 1 animal, a. caroticobasillaris, whereas the other branch was and a. constant a. intercarotica caudalis which was located at the level of sulcus pontocruralis. In one cadaver, a very slender a. intercarotica rostralis originated from a. carotis interna at the level of the origin of a. cerebri rostralis, and joined its counterpart vessel at the border between tuber cinereum and chiasma opticum. In all cases, a. ethmoidalis interna originated from a. cerebri rostralis. It was observed that a. cerebri rostralis dextra et sinistra fused directly into a. single median vessel named a. communicans rostralis.
Keywords: donkey, brain artery, circle arteriosus