Medycyna Wet. 63 (12), 1522-1525, 2007
Duszewska A. M., Reklewski Z.
Obtaining in vitro embryos from farm animals
The article presents the present state of knowledge about obtaining in vitro embryos from farm animals. This biotechnique includes: in vitro maturation of oocytes, in vitro fertilizing matured oocytes and in vitro culture of embryos. The aim of in vitro production of embryos is to obtain more blastocysts and blastocysts of good quality which will determine the efficiency of embryo transfer and facilitate the production of a greater number of healthy offspring. Offspring were produced after transferring embryos produced in vitro in sheep, cattle, pigs, goats and horses. This biotechnique is used in farm animal breeding, biotechnology and basic research.
Keywords: maturation, fertilization, farm animals