Medycyna Wet. 61 (12), 1321-1440, 2005


Summer subfertility in cows Jaśkowski J.M., Olechnowicz J., Urbaniak K. [digitized ] 1323
Virulence markers of Streptococcus suis Markowska-Daniel I., Szczotka A. [digitized ] 1328
Bronchoalveolar lavage in people, dogs and cats Spużak J., Nicpoń J., Kubiak K., Jankowski M. [digitized ] 1332
Stereotypies as an indicator of animal welfare Kowalski A. [digitized ] 1335
Prospects and hazards in dietary applications of lipoate and dihydrolipoate Łokociejewska M., Orzechowski A. [digitized ] 1340
Current systematics of horse small strongyles (Cyatostominae) Gawor J., Charčenko V. [digitized ] 1344


Uterine myofibroblasts in mares Sabeckiene J., Ederen A-M van, Zeinstra E., Aniulienė A., Gruys E. [digitized ] 1347
Influence of medium on viability of bovine embryos produced in vitro after their biopsy Lasiene K., Valanciute A., Lasys V. [digitized ] 1351
Relationship on inflammatory cytokines with experimental Mannheimia haemolytica infection in ewes fed dam milk or cow milk after
Altiner A., Oztabak K., Ulutas P.A., Ozpinar A. [digitized ] 1355
Antimicrobial activity of positively or negatively charged electro-aerosol solutions based on ammonium compounds Grigonis A.,
Matusevičius A., Dobilas J., Stankevičius A.
[digitized ] 1359
Some serum enzyme levels during pregnancy and postpartum in single and twin-bearing Akkaraman sheep Gurdogan F., Balikci E.,
Yildiz A.
[digitized ] 1363
Incidence of E. Coli in aquaculture areas of the Adriatic Sea Kapetanović D., Kurtović B., Teskeredžić Z., Teskeredžić E. [digitized ] 1366
Dairy cattle infection with Fasciola hepatica in small farms Kornaś S., Nowosad B., Skalska M., Wróbel A. [digitized ] 1368
Phenotype and genotype traits of S. aureus strains isolated from mastitis milk samples Sachanowicz J., Jakubczak A., Piechota M. [digitized ] 1370
Relationship between concentration of selected biochemical indicators of blood measured in heifers and the latter’s milk performance
Oprządek J., Dymnicki E., Kołątaj A., Oprządek A.
[digitized ] 1374
Adenomyosis cow’s uterus – latent cause of infertility? Katkiewicz M., Wierzchoń M., Boryczko Z. [digitized ] 1378
Evaluating the antioxidant potential in the blood of transition cows Markiewicz H., Gehrke M., Malinowski E., Kaczmarowski M. [digitized ] 1382
Verapamil central inhibition of jejunal pain in sheep Kania B.F., Tomaszewska D., Niemiec M, Tatarska K.. [digitized ] 1385
Effect of chorionic gonadotropin on sexual maturity in stallions Pawlak M., Tischner M. [digitized ] 1390
Influence of endotoxin and flunixin meglumine on the blood parameters of stallions Danek J. [digitized ] 1395
Impact of ferric preparations administration on piglet’s health and some hematological and immune indices Wawron W., Piech T., Dąbrowski R.,
Krasucki J.
[digitized ] 1400
Influence of dexamethasone and alpha-ketoglutarate administration to pregnant sows on the level of some hormones in the blood plasma
of newborn un-suckled piglets
Śliwa E., Tatara M.R., Pierzynowski G.S., Studziński T. [digitized ] 1405
Evaluation of the conservative periodontal therapy in dogs with the cooperation of the owner Polkowska I., Silmanowicz P., Orzelski M. [digitized ] 1408
Use of RAPD-PCR for the genetic characterization of some duck populations Wiśniewska E., Grajewski B., Bednarczyk M. [digitized ] 1410
Influence of physical and chemical factors on the impact of lactic acid bacteria bacteriocin’s on pathogens in sewage sludge Ligocka A.,
Paluszak Z., Hermann J.
[digitized ] 1413
Morphology of testes and epididymides of rats in the course of experimental infection with liver fluke Kołodziejczyk L., Wiszniewska B. [digitized ] 1417
Apoptosis in rat hepatocytes – histological, ultrastructural and immunohistochemical assessment Boratyński Z., Flieger S., Pedrycz A.,
Wieczorski M.
[digitized ] 1420
Molecular characteristics of rat inbred strains bred in Poland Gajewska M., Wirth-Dzięciołowska E., Łukasiewicz D., Lechowska-Piskorowska J.,
Woszczyński M, Mikulska M..
[digitized ] 1425
Effect of additive substances and baking on nitrosamine concentrations in fish meat Rywotycki R. [digitized ] 1429