Medycyna Wet. 61 (8), 841-960, 2005


Some new data concerning mechanisms of immunity Larski Z. [digitized ] 843
Campylobacter as cause of gastrointestinal infections Wieczorek K., Osek J. [digitized ] 847
Possibilities of genetic differentiation of Streptococci with particular emphasis on Streptococcus suis Markowska-Daniel I., Kowalczyk A. [digitized ] 852
Somatotropic axis (GH/GHR/IGF-1) and its role in controlling cattle lactation Zych S., Szatkowska I., Dybus A. [digitized ] 857
PCR method in diagnosing EAV Winiarczyk S., Adaszek Ł., Zięba P., Grądzki Z. [digitized ] 861
Effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on ovulation and evelopment of the corpus luteum Chrostowska M., Jaroszewski J.J.,
Maślanka T.
[digitized ] 865
Shot wounds from hunting guns Houszka M. [digitized ] 870
Attitude of Arabs to dogs Felsmann M.Z., Felsmann M., Szarek J. [digitized ] 874


Effects of cottonseed flour on testicular structure and sperm motility of rats Timurkaan M., Yilmaz F., Risvanli A., Timurkan H.,
Karadas E.
[digitized ] 877
Paratuberculosis in cattle in Turkey detected by PCR Ikiz S., Bagcigil A.F., Ak S., Ozgur N.Y., Lgaz A. [digitized ] 881
Antibodies specific to Mycobacterium avium. subsp paratuberculosis in dairy cows in north-east Poland Szteyn J., Wiszniewska A.,
Fus-Szewczyk M.M.
[digitized ] 884
Section investigation of animals wounded from fire arms: some remarks Nozdryn-Płotnicki Z., Listos P., Łopuszyński W., Dębiak P. [digitized ] 887
Specific nasal provocation tests in patients hypersensitive to cat and dog allergens Modrzyński M., Zawisza E. [digitized ] 890
Case of aelurostrongylosis in a domestic cat Dzimira S., Popiołek M. [digitized ] 894
Efficacy of enzyme markers for assessing dog prostate function following finasteride administration Strzeżek R., Janowski T. [digitized ] 896
Influence of iodine contents in cat food on its consumption, urinary iodine excretion and concentration of thyroid hormones in cat blood serum
Kurosad A.
[digitized ] 900
Helicobacter-like organisms in the stomach of dogs Sapierzyński R., Malicka E. [digitized ] 904
Analysis of corrected QT interval and dispersion of QTc in dogs suffering from cardiac insufficiency Pasławska U., Kalitan M., Nicpoń J.,
Krawiec R., Wojtaszek J.
[digitized ] 907
Ursodoxycholic acid in liver disease therapy in dogs Glińska K., Nicpoń J., Hildebrand W. [digitized ] 911
Adaptation of the arctic fox (Alopex lagopus) to the new environmental conditions Wierzbicki H., Przysiecki P., Gorajewska E., Filistowicz A. [digitized ] 914
Effect of different additives to pickling on the number of yeasts, moulds and aerobic instability of maize silages Dorszewski P. [digitized ] 919
Influence of chosen factors on the quality of mare’s colostrums and immunoglobin level in foals Włodarczyk-Szydłowska A., Nowacki W.,
Wierzbicki H.
[digitized ] 923
Suppressive effect of 17-ß-estradiol and progesterone on macrophage proliferation Wojciechowska M., Spohr I., Faundez R., Sanchez-Tillo E.,
Celada A., Niemiałtowski M.
[digitized ] 927
Influence of inulin and oligofructose on endogenous thiamine level in urine and faeces Drywień M. [digitized ] 931
Freezing point of udder-milk in dairy cows Brzozowski P., Zdziarski K. [digitized ] 934
Physical-chemical parameters of milk from different cow breeds in spring–summer feeding period Barłowska J., Litwińczuk Z., Topyła B. [digitized ] 937
Assessment of the growth of Listeria monocytogenes in milk on the basis of PMP70 program and individual research Kowalik J., Ziajka S. [digitized ] 940
Susceptibility of sheep of different genotype to maedi visna virus infection Kędziora A., Junkuszew A., Lipecka Cz., Gruszecki T., Kuźmak J. [digitized ] 943
Influence of dried brewery’s yeast on body weight gains, physiological and biochemical indicators of blood and development of rumen
micro-organisms in calves
Dobicki A., Preś J., Łuczak W., Szyrner A. [digitized ] 946
Influence of aluminum sulphate on bone resistance in broiler chickens Bieńko M., Radzki R.P., Puzio I., Kapica M., Studziński T. [digitized ] 950